(VIDEO) Virgin Galactic accident - is the new fuel responsible


On Friday, October 31, the Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo spacecraft crashed in the desert, killing one of the two pilots, according to the first elements of the investigation the ship burst in flames in midair - while a new fuel was tested... 

The investigation is conducted by the NTSB but for now the Virgin Galactic flights can continue at this stage. Indeed, the Virgin Galactic project was launched in 2009 with the announcement of the first flights in two years ... Five years later, the 800 customers who have already booked their seat for this 200.000€ space flight thought their dream was approaching but this incident further delays the space flights! 

Richard Branson made an interview after the crash at the Mojave SpacePort in New Mexico, and announced that he would continue the adventure of private space tourism but said to be ready to reimburse customers who would like. 

Eventually SpaceShipTwo must take six people at 21kilometres of altitude 

Earlier in the week it was the Orbital Sciences’ Antares rocket that exploded during takeoff but this time no casualties, it was an unmanned launch for the NASA.

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