(VIDEO) Aeromobil, the flying car consumes 8l per 100km!


There are several projects of flying cars but the Slovaks from Aeromobil seem the closest to launch! After almost fifteen years of research and a 2.5 version presented a year ago, their project is nearing the production stage with the 3.0 version. 

Here is the Aeromobil 3.0, a flying car or rather an aircraft certified for road use – its dimensions are closer to those of an airplane (6m long) - unlike the Terrafugia that is more car-sized. 

True "Transfomer" this ultra light has been approved by the Slovak aviation federation and official tests began. 

The idea is to allow aviation enthusiasts to experience their passion without incurring the cost of storage in a hangar and can simply store their flying machine at home and go to the airfield driving. 

On the engine side the Rotax 912 allows the Aeromobil 3.0 to achieve 200kph and 700km of range in flight for 160kph and 875km on the road with respective consumptions of 15l per hour 8l per 100km! 

Very close to the final product in terms of design, materials and equipment (autopilot, and safety parachute), the launch of the Aeromobil is imminent but for the moment no price or release date.


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