Porsche Pajun - Porsche's first series electric car


Since the end of last week a rumor appeared on the web, Porsche would have in the pipeline a small electric sedan to challenge Tesla and its Model S and upcoming more compact and affordable Model 3

Indeed, for the moment Porsche offers plug-in hybrid and hybrid models but no 100% electric despite the Boxster-E prototypes (Boxster-E 2WD and Boxster-E 4WD) that we had the opportunity to try at the Michelin Challenge Bibendum. 

Therefore and as the Californian brand rises, the manufacturer who created the demand and recharge network for its premium electric sedans, Porsche follow its steps and offer an answer to this Pajun (Panamera Junior) which, by the way is not the car's definitive name. 

First electric production car from Porsche, the Pajun will also be available in more traditional versions to rival BMW's 5-series and also plug-in hybrid powertrains.

About the power of the 100% electric version, it is rumoured at 400hp, a derivative from the Audi R8 e-tron. 

To be continued!

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