(VIDEO) Electric Motorcycles: BRD becomes AltaMotors, cross and supermoto e-bikes at pre-order


Remember the company BRD, a start-up set up by four Californians, originally presented in 2011, for the market launch the brand becomes Alta Motors but the name RedShift remains for their two models of electric bikes, a cross and a supermoto. 

The two founders who had came up with the first drawings in 2007 leading to prototypes that we introduced in 2011 finally arrive at the time of launch with opening of preorders for their two models.

From the exterior, some minor changes to outline, the frame design changes and their electric blue favorite color changes to yellow-orange recalling the one used by the Austrians of KTM for the cross version, the supermoto version is presented in red and white 

The RedShift MX is announced at $ 14,995 - compared to the first prototypes, the battery (5.2kWh) power (25hp continuous and 40 in peak) weight (113kg) and range (2hours - 80km) remain the same. 

The RedShift SM $ 15,495, apart from its different wheels in 17", it gains a few pounds compared to the MX model, but gets some additional kph (8). 


KTM is more and more interested by this market with the arrival of the Freeride e-SM at Intermot, and Zero Motorcylces continues to refine its motorcycles more and more each year!

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