Audi and Mercedes future cars at the 2014 LA Auto Show


Update of October 16th article with a teaser video and first glimpse of Audi's concept

While the Paris Auto Show focused on frugal engines with vehicles consuming only 1 to 2l per 100km or with the deployment of the GTE engine in VW's range, the Los Angeles Auto Show seems to herald a new era in terms of design with a teaser for Audi and a stolen picture from Mercedes. 

Audi Concept - Audi A9? 

Officially announced with a teaser image, this concept-car heralds a new era, the one of Marc Lichte, who now chairs Audi's design branch after Volkswagen's since 2006. Arrived early this year, he wants to mark his era with a new design that is based on the brand's three pillars, sportiness, lightweight design and Quattro technology. 

Audi's concept car will present new interior and exterior design of the brand - according to rumors it could be the Audi A9 

Mercedes concept 

More than just a concept-car, it is a prototype that has been spotted covered around the LA Auto Show - however it seems that the format of the two concepts are relatively similar, a long and sleek vehicle, between the low MPV and the luxury sedan coupe.

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