Tecnicar Lavinia SE an Italian electric supercar


Having developed small electric trains and a urban micro 4 seater called Genius, the Italian family company Tecnicar launches into the deep by announcing an electric supercar with 800hp!

The company Tecnicar has several years of experience in electric vehicles (4 year+s) and is already selling two rather "common" vehicles but is in need of a strong product to carry its image out of the Italian borders, the Lavinia. 

Tecnicar manufactures and assembles in Syracuse, Italy, quickly attracted by the performance they have come up with a 200hp electric race car in 2013 and are testing it since, allowing them to offer a concept car with such performances! 

The Lavinia SE is a beautiful coupe whose lines have been drawn by Giuseppe Ferrazzano, its specs sheet promises 800hp, 0 to 100kph in 3.5seconds and a top speed of 300kph for 300km of range announced, enough to remain circumspect until the reveal of a prototype. 

The company will be present at the 2014 Bologna Auto Show held in December and could introduce this concept car on its booth.

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