BMW i3 Evo by Everyn, when the i3 becomes a headturner showcar


The Japanese tuner Everyn - Energy Motorsport specialized in BMWs has revealed an i3 EVO transforming the electric city car - and its already futuristic design- in a sporty and racy beast! 


The front-end receives carbon parts with a design that takes on the original lines but also those of the M models with some very manga additions. On the side, side skirts recall the ones of group’s electric sportscar, the i8, and fender flares package impressive wheels with BBS look mounted on wheel spacers. 

On the flares and rear bumper (whose design is more conventional) we still find some carbon that recalls the structure of the car, the I models are based on a CFRP structure. 

Certainly this i3 EVO is most likely less efficient but it suits the i3 very well, it also shows that just as Nismo with the Leaf, tuners are interested and play with the vehicles of tomorrow! 

No information on possible specs changes but this i3 EVO will certainly turn some heads!

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