The Ford Mondeo goes hybrid


After the success of its efficient powertrain 1.0l EcoBoost three-cylinder, engine of the year 2012, 2013 and 2014, Ford continues to lower its range's average CO2 emissions and announces an hybrid sedan, the Mondeo hybrid. 

While hybrid powertrains were available in the C-Max and Fusion it is now turn of the Mondeo to receive an electrified powertrain, it uses the third generation technology already proposed in the Fusion.

First hybrid Mondeo and first hybrid manufactured by Ford in Europe. 

This technology is based on two electric motors with a motor assisting the gasoline 2.0l Atkinson cycle engine, the other serves as a generator in braking phases.
The combination offers 187hp for a consumption of 4.2l per 100km and emissions of 99 g / km, the speed in electrical only stands at 135kph thanks to the 1.4kWh lithium ion battery. 


This hybrid Mondeo will be assembled on the same production line as the "classic" versions in Valencia, Spain. 

About the other engines the new Mondeo will also inaugurate the 1.5l EcoBoost and 1.6TDCi diesel offering emissions under 100 g per km, even for the estate version. 

Note that in 2015 a 1.0l EcoBoost and 4WD models are also expected!

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