(VIDEO) KTM Freeride E-SM, freedom in the city & track!


The Freeride E is the electric bike of the Austrian specialist KTM, after presenting a concept in 2011, KTM then started selling a first, then a second model, E-SX & E-XC now joined by one last, the Supermoto version KTM E-SM presented on the Intermot Show. 

KTM electric motorcycles are based on the same technology, a water-cooled motor offering 11kW continuously and 16kW in peak (15 and 22hp respectively) for 42nm of torque, with a top speed of 80kph. 

Regarding the battery, KTM has chosen a relatively small option with 2.6kWh but since it is removable, it can be exchanged, while allowing quick charge to 80% in 50 minutes and with a lighter, more maneuverable bike than its competitors! 

With a battery life of one hour, the KTM Freeride E are more likely reserved for leisure rather than real road use but can also correspond to specific needs. Besides, you can try KTM's electric motorcycles in eight dedicated parks in Europe. 

Prices of the electric motorcycles KTM Freeride E with their updated specs 

€ 11,295 for the KTM Freeride E-XC, the trail 
€ 10,995 for the E-SX the 100% cross 
And the last KTM Freeride E-SM € 11,595, asphalt-eating for track and city 

Prices are listed TTC with battery and charger included 

For the demo, let's Danny MacAskill and Jonny Walker present the KTM Freeride E

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