Peugeot Quartz, this 2008 from the future has 500hp under the hood!


Revealed on the 2014 Paris Auto Show, the Quartz concept is Peugeot’s vision of an ultra perfomant hybrid SUV.

The French brand innovates by introducing this SUV, the use of innovative materials is everywhere such as basalt stone, recycled plastic fabric for the seats or vintage leather - like in the Exalt Concept.
The Peugeot Quartz uses LED headlights, 23 inch aluminium rims and 305 section tires. Its dimensions are also impressive with 2,06m wide and 4,50m long.


Regarding the interior, the antagonist’s scissor doors allow 4 passengers to climb onboard with the help of moveable steps. Note that the materials used for the interior are mostly recycled and that the center console is in raw basalt stone. Each passenger is installed in a racing seat with a 4-point harness and the driver gets a special dashboard inspired from the racing world associated with a heads-up display.

The powertrain is also impressive, Peugeot claims 500hp with its full hybrid plug-in system, consisting of a 1.6 THP 270hp associated with a 6-speed automatic transmission and a 85kW motor on each axle of the vehicle. These electric motors are used to recharge the 400V battery under braking and assist the engine when accelerating. The Quartz offers three driving modes, a ZEV mode with 50km of full electric range, a drive mode for optimum fuel economy and energy regeneration and a Race mode for maximum performances.

Peugeot doesn't announce any other performance figures or price as it is still (and might remain) a concept.

Article by H. Le Flanchec

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