(VIDEO) Volkswagen XL Sport, the world’s most frugal car now revs at 11000rpms!


Here is one of the first surprises of the 2014 Paris Auto Show, rumors of a XL1 celebrating the acquisition of Ducati with the adoption of a motorcycle engine in VW’s concept were real, it's the Volkswagen XL Sport. 

The world’s most efficient car adopts the world's most powerful twin-cylinder, the 1199cc V2 from the Ducati Superleggera which develops 200hp and 134nm. 

This power may seem obsolete in comparison to the hybrid supercars but thanks to its weight of 890kg and engine revs of 11.000rpms, the XL Sport surely promises some thrill! 

Thus, the 0 to 100kph is announced in 5.9secondes for a maximum speed of 270kph!! 
That changes from the original 75hp of the XL1, to get the power to the ground, wheelbase gets wider while still benefiting from a record Cx of 0.258. 

Therefore, the XL Sport received the race treatment with magnesium forged wheels and ceramic brakes! 
The transmission is a DSG7 gearbox that powers the rear wheels. 

Like the XL1, this XL Sport will be produced in limited quantities of 500 units (twice the volume of the XL1) at a price not yet announced!

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