(VIDEO) 2014 Paris Auto Show : Asterion LPI910-4, the first hybrid Lamborghini


Update of September 30th article with the first official pictures and figures

After a first teaser at the end of last week with a profile and an electrified logo for only clues, many leaks appear on the web about this Lamborghini Asterion which will be premiered on the 2014 Paris Auto Show

First, photos taken from an Italian paper magazine let us discover a new supercar for the brand, over the Gallardo / Huracan and the Aventador, it will be the most powerful of the range and therefore probably the most expensive! 

Indeed, inside we should find the Huracan’s V10 supplemented with  three electric motors


The Lamborhini Asterion LPI910-4 in figures

0 to 100kph in 3 seconds
Four wheel drive
Emissions of 98g/km
3.5l per 100km fuel consumption
Electric range of 50km with a maximum speed of 125kph

The most powerfull Lamborghini is also the one that emits the less CO2!!

With the Asterion, Lamborghini answers to its competitors’ hybrid hypercars: Porsche 918Spyder, LaFerrari Ferrari, McLaren P1! 

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