(VIDEO) Citroën C4 Cactus Airflow HybridAir 2l


While Peugeot will present a 208 HybridAir consuming only 2 l per 100km on the 2014 Paris Auto Show, Citroën could only choose the C4 Cactus as their Hybrid Air demonstrator.


Here is the concept car C4 Cactus Airflow, exploring some solutions for the efficient vehicle of tomorrow, its aerodynamics is improved by 20% thanks to mobile elements: grille, rims, side deflectors ... Cameras take the place of mirrors to improve air flow and low resistance Tall & Narrow tires finish the aerodynamic improvements.


Compared to the production model and despite the use of this hybrid technology, Citroen manages to remove 100kg via the use of aluminum and carbon composites particularly at the structure base - the total weight is 865kg!


Like the 208 HybridAir 2l, its powertrain is based on the 82hp 3 cylinder Pure Tech associated with a pneumatic hybrid technology that gives, according to the manufacturer, performances of the Pure Tech 110hp with the ability to choose between three driving modes, air, gasoline and combined.


After the Renault EOLAB and the Peugeot 2l it is the third concept car below 2 l / 100km expected for the Paris Auto Show!


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