(VIDEO) Renault EOLAB when Renault goes PHEV


We announced it on the 1st September, at the 2014 Paris Auto Show, Renault will present its first plug-in hybrid the EOLAB that inaugurates the ZE Hybrid technology, Renault chose a compact, aerodynamic and distinctive vehicle. 

The Renault EOLAB in figures 

Let's start with the most eloquent, the consumption of Renault's plug-in hybrid compact car is 1l per 100km for emissions of 22g/km thanks to a weight lower by 400kg than the B segment vehicles 

Exterior and design

Directly, we notice the attention to aerodynamics - necessary to provide such specifications, a mix between the Clio and Zoe with sleek and futuristic shapes that gives a Cd of 0.235 (0.25 for the Prius), for a four door vehicle, one on the left, two on the right and the trunk. 

ZE Hybrid Technology

It allows up to 60km electric range for a maximum speed of 120kph 

With this EOLAB, Renault sets the goal of making the car accessible to masses by 2020 and outperforms Peugeot with its 208HybridAir announcing 2l per 100km.

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