(VIDEO) ZEHUS Bike+, the most compact e-bike kit doesn't need to be recharged!


Zeus is a compact electrification kit from Italy, more than an electric assistance, it is designed to make your efforts more efficient and does not need to be recharged! 

Result of several years of research by the Polytechnic School of Milan, the Zehus Bike+ is based on a study of the human metabolism, this intelligent kit is works with algorithms that compensate your efforts, it helps during acceleration and recharges at deceleration or braking seamlessly. 

Compact and easy to install (20-inch wheels minimum) the kit is one piece only, it is placed in the rear hub and integrates a 250Watt motor, a 160Wh Lithium battery (announced with 1,000 charging cycles) without a single wire or cable for a weight of 3.2kg only. 

The system communicates with a dedicated app. on your smartphone via Bluetooth and lets you change the level of support and regeneration. 

For now, this system is not yet available separately - just sold on complete bikes (Klaxon Mobility, Pininfarina bike by 43 Cycles or more recently the Sandwich bike) but given its simplicity, it seems logical that it goes for sale to individuals!

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