(VIDEO) MovPack, the skate pack


MovPack is an electric skateboard with a board that can be folded into a backpack. 

Launched by an American company based in Reno, Nevada, this electric skateboard foldable in one movement and easily transportable is currently funded on kickstarter. 


Specs of the MovPack 

Folded it looks like a bag with wheels - it can be carried as a backpack or rolled like a suitcase depending on your style or mood. 

Controlled through a wireless remote with an accelerator trigger, the MovPack reaches a maximum speed of 24kph for a range of 14km and charges in two hours. 

Its battery can also charge your electronic devices and the bag itself is interchangeable 

Components of the MovPack do not take all the space available in the bag but only a small part, therefore it leaves plenty of room to place your stuff, just like a normal bag! 

It weighs 7.7kg, of course patented, the MovPack is perfect for transports because of its small footprint, it can even be taken as hand luggage on the aircraft. 
Folded, the board slips into the back of the bag. 

The company nearly reached half of their needs of funds ($ 100,000) with the first units on sale at $ 1,190

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