(VIDEO) Electric bikes : Eurobike 2014 trends


Each year, the Eurobike Show gives the trend of the bicycle market, and electric bicycle as this 2014 edition once again puts forward the electrified two wheelers! 

More and more recreational models with fat tires emerge, here is a selection of models coming this year and in 2015 

Fat Bike electric bicycles, all the major manufacturers have given the word and present off-road models

Polaris SABRE EV505, an e-bike with US specifications 
Haibike Xduro FatSix a pedelec powered by Bosch 
Felt LEBOWSKe10 

Note also Moustache's return on the front of the stage with two beautifull MTB and two FatBikes, the StarkBike available in Snow and Sand models

And finally, the BionX Night Crawler, the most spectacular, sand, rocks and even snow won't stop it: electrical components weight only 4kg for a 250Watt power and torque from 25Nm to 50 in peak but BionX being a provider of electrification kit this bike is only a demonstrator. 

We also spotted two radical electric bikes: 

The M1 Spitzing from Germany, a high-tech electric bike available in pedelec, S-Pedelec and R-Pedelec where it becomes ultra performant going up to 72kph - price strats at € 5799 to € 6499 

Then, the return of Conway E-Rider whose look is still as awesome! It now comes in a "naked" version called Extreme, and accessorized called Street 


Here is a quick overview of the most remarkable bikes of the 2014 Eurobike in a future article we will present the Eurobike Award winners with some (other) interesting surprises!

Article by H. Le Flanchec

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