Official: partnership between Renault and the Bolloré group


The leader in electric car-sharing and the leader of the electric car market just formalized a partnership today.

The press conference of today follows a letter of intent and focuses on three points: 

First, from mid 2015, Bluecar electric vehicles will be assembled by Renault in the Dieppe factory, then a partnership to sell car-sharing solutions in France and Europe, and finally, a feasibility study on the development and production of a urban electric vehicle with Bolloré's Lithium Metal Polymer battery and built by Renault. 

The production of the Bluecar that was based in Italy will be relocated in France, closer Bolloré's batteries thereby reducing the financial and carbon impact of the Bluecar. 

For the joint venture on car-sharing, Bolloré owns 70% of the shares and Renault 30% with a gradual arrival of the Twizy in the Bluely and Bluecub fleet initially, then, 30% of the fleet proposed by the services will be Renault's electric cars. 

A 3-seater Bluecar 

The feasibility study is on a three-seater urban vehicle, from design to production - a vehicle that would be included in the fleet of car-sharing but that could also be sold to individuals, businesses and local authorities.


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