(VIDEO) Local Motors Strati - the Twizy powered 3D printed electric car


Local Motors is a new generation manufacturer based in the United States, they became famous with the Rally Fighter, a bad-ass 4x4, since, they continue to offer all kinds of funs vehicles including electric ones, here is Strati their latest creation.

The Local Motors concept is a community of designers who are working on concept of vehicles, the winner is then selected by a vote and a micro factory builds the vehicles on order! 

Since 2011 and the introduction of the Rally Fighter Local Motors introduced other vehicles including electric vehicles such as a drift trike the Verrado or an electric bike called Cruiser

As usual, after a design competition, which received more than 200 entries, the 3D-printed electric car of Cincinnati Incorportaed and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has been selected, enabling them to win the $ 5,000 prize but moreover to produce the car! 

The first copy of the Strati will be built during the 2014 IMTS - Internaitional Manufacturing Technology Show, which opens its doors in a few days - it is based on a monocoque structure made of ABS to is grafted elements like a windshield, removable seats and the powertrain of the Renault Twizy! 

Indeed, the electrical components will come from different manufacturers including components from the french electric micro-car Twizy.


A production version of the Strati will be available to the public a few months later!

Article by H. Le Flanchec

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