Paris Auto Show, battle for the 2 l per 100km car?


A few days ago we talked about a mysterious Renault Concept car that would consumes less than 2 l per 100km to be introduced at the 2014 Paris Auto Show, Peugeot strikes back with the 208 HybridAir, the 208 2L

Indeed, PSA is developing an innovative pneumatic hybrid technology in which energy of braking and deceleration phases is recovered and stored in pressurized air tanks. 
This technology called HYbrid Air is lighter and cheaper than electric hybrids despite a costly development for PSA ... 

The HYbridAir powertrain is tested by the brand since its first presentation in early 2013 with some prototypes actually running on open road as demonstrated by Karim Mokaddem in charge of this technology for the group. 

On the occasion of the Paris Auto Show and to prove that this technology is still in the pipe Peugeot will present a concept of 208 consuming only 2 l per 100km. 

Three driving modes "Air" "Gasoline" "Combined" 

Based on a 82hp three-cylinder 1.2l PureTech whose specifications are 4.5l/100km, 104g/km and a mass of 960kg in the classic 208, Peugeot manages to lower the weight by 100kg thanks to redesigned and a consumption divided by more than half! 

If this car sees series production it would be placed in direct competition and as an interesting competitor of the Yaris Hybrid in a market of hybrid compact cars with a low offer.

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