(VIDEO) Malloy Aero works on an hover-bike, produces a test Drone to keep you waiting!


Remember, in 2011 we introduced the Chris Malloy's flying motorcycle, originally fitted with two ducted propellers and a gasoline engine, thanks to kickstarter the project goes on and they just launched a electric scale model!

Following the presentation of the first prototype, the company Malloy Aeronautics was created to develop the hover-bike, to do so they went through miniaturization with a 1/3 scale demonstrator, but once this drone was built they could not resist to put it on the market, here is the Drone 3! 

Proof of concept, the Drone 3 is a scalled down to a third and is designed to fold (again) to a third of its size for transport! 

With its carbon composite construction it weighs only 2.2kg and can support up to 7kg (4.7kg recommended) 

Compared to the original hover-bike, the Drone 3 which shows the evolution of the 2011 model is a quadcopter with two additional fans. 

Two models are available: the basic version at $ 1050 and the complete version at $ 1,790, the Drone 3 foreshadows the full-scale model to be presented next year! 

Fun feature of the Drone 3, a small robot called Buster that you can buy or print in 3D with a head that welcomes a GoPro!

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