(VIDEO) Radinn, the electric wakeboard


We don’t know if they will sell yet but if you are looking for an electric surfboard you will have the choice! 

Indeed, after the Waterwolf here is Radinn a electric surfboard – more specifically a wakeboard, therefore lighter andwith better handling! 

Radical Innovation (Radinn) is a Swedish start-up founded in 2012 by Philip Werner a local wakeboarder that beside his studies at Lund decided to develop a board with an electric motor to enjoy the sensations of wake without the help of a boat. 

For the board to be as light as possible - despite its electric motor and Lithium battery - it is made from carbon fiber, few figures yet but range is announced at 30 minutes release on the market is expected in the summer of 2015 for a price estimated around 15,000 €! 

Radinn puts forward the argument made in Sweden of its product to ensure quality and justify the price. 

The user controls Radinn thanks to a wireless control. If its detailed performances are not known at this time, the video reveals that it is relatively quick and light enough to jump!

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