WATTsUP Pipistrel, the Alpha Electro electric trainer


The aircraft manufacturer Pipistrel makes the headlines again with a new electric airplane based on an existing model the Alpha, it is called WATTsUP 

The WATTsUP or ALPHA ELECTRO is a two-seat training aircraft that will be revealed to the public in France at the end of August at the Salon de Blois airshow, it has been developed with Siemens who had already presented electric planes prototypes such as the DA36 E-Star and as a reminder this is Pipistrel’s fifth electric aircraft prototype! 

Thanks to this combination of experiences, the WATTsUP is designed to efficiently and cost-effectively answer the needs of flight schools. 

Its 85kW engine weighs only 14kg and is more powerful than the 80hp Rotax 912 normally fitted in this type of aircraft - and in the classic Alpha. The 17kWh battery is removable to optimize recharges, alternatively, the full charge takes only an hour! 

From this base the aircraft can be modified or adjusted individually to the needs of flight schools. 

The battery life is an hour with an half hour reserve 
The WATTsUP will be sold from 2015 from less than 100.000€

Here is a serious contender for the AEAC SunFlyer that we introduced there just a few days!

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