Venturi VBB3 Goes for the record run on a shorter track


After a session of the 2013 Bonneville Speedweek canceled, the team Venturi with the Ohio State University has been able to test the record electric car VBB-3 for the first time in 2014 on the salt lake!

Indeed, this year's heavy rains flooded much of the Bonneville track, but ultimately, only a third of the track is impracticable going from 12 miles to 8 miles which modifies slightly the team’s plans. 

This year, the VBB-3 was supposed to smash the 2010 record which stood at 495kph with a target of 400mph (643,7kph) but to do so the car needs 12 miles: 

The maximum speed of the VVB-3 is reached in 5.5 miles then they have to maintain the speed on 1 mile in order to validate the record, then it takes 5.5 miles to decelerate. 
This year the car will therefore have only 3.5 miles to accelerate... 

The driver of the VBB-3 Roger Schroer is however confident even if humidity and shortened track will prevent the VBB-3 from achieving its full potential.

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