AEAC SunFlyer: an electric aircraft for training purposes


If you read our "air" section that talks - among other flying objects - of electric airplanes, you certainly know the brand PC Aero and their Elektra One, here's an evolution the AEAC Sun Flyer or E1

This small two-seater electric aircraft is indeed designed from the Elektra One modified to accommodate a passenger. The AECA Sun Flyer is a project from the American company Bye Aerospace, which teamed with PC Aero to develop an aircraft for leisure and training purposes. 

To this end, the company AEAC was created in February 2014 with Bye Aerospace and PC Aero as partners. Indeed the German company already has over 5 years experience in electric propulsion for aircraft. 

Also, the team has had no trouble develop the first prototype called E1 in just a few months. 

In addition to the silence of electric motor, it will dramatically reduce the costs of use and thus democratize learning to fly! 5 to 10$ per hour instead of 50 to 75$ for conventional planes according to Charlie Johnson President of the company. 

For the moment no information about its specs or price, but we will keep you informed!

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