Electric Saab 9-3 by NEVS, credible?


The brand SAAB is owned by NEVS, a Chinese company since 2012 While rumors of bankruptcy for NEVS were circulating on the web last week, NEVS answers by showing a prototype of electric Saab 9-3!

First impressions on the electric SAAB 9-3

Demonstration of technological know-how, the prototype presented is based on a 9-3 Aero sedan "2014 model" - a couple of these prototypes have been built in the factory of Trollhattan as a test fleet. 

Lithium batteries (37kWh from Beijing National Battery Technology) are placed in the floor to keep cargo and living space identical to the original model. 
The weight distribution is a perfect 50/50. 

Remaining test versions, the prototypes' specs are limited for the moment - according to NEVS 

0 to 100kph in 10 seconds 
Maximum speed of 120kph 
100kW electric motor for a range of 200km 

Although its specs are rather basic, this NEVS 9-3 could be an interesting proposition in a market where the electric sedan offer is very small at the moment ...But they definitely need more time and money to get to the showrooms!

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