Kulan by PolyLab, the tractor of the future


Poly Lab is a consortium formed by 14 innovative German companies that has been formed to explore a niche, the farm utility vehicles. 

Developed after two years of research and development, this prototype is halfway between farm quad and tractor, Kulan is a futuristic vision of a possible evolution of this mode of transportation. 

Kulan is a versatile electric utility vehicle for the fields (and thus silent allowing it to access protected areas). Indeed, despite its 300kg weight, it can support up to a ton of payload. 

It is put in motion by two in-wheel motors, its range can go up to 300km or 6 hours. 


Its lightweight is achieved through the use of materials such as reinforced polyurethane on the rear cargo area, the research on the materials comes from PolySax, a school specializing in plastic materials. 

As for its clean, functional design, it has been drawn by Felix Götze, Tom Mudra and Hans-Tobias Schicktanz. 

Poly Lab is now seeking industrial partners - mainly manufacturers - to build a vehicle that would integrate some of Kulan’s advanced features.

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