(VIDEO) LMX Bikes : electric bikes in kit


A young French had the idea of creating electric motorcycles from bike frames, six prototypes have already been developed! 

First of all, notice the minimalist look of this "motorcycle" (the LMX has no pedals) nothing unnecessary! From a frame that looks like a fully suspended bike, but reworked to accommodate the electrical components you can place the battery and electric motor of your choice, for the bike saddle, the format is compatible with two existing models sourced from motorcycles . 


The LMX frame that is already its second development stage is proposed as a kit, for a painted frame count € 730, the battery case in stainless steel is priced at € 200 - then it's up to you to make your setup even if Adam shares its experience and gives advices. 

His personal prototype develops 4kW continuous and 8kW in peak which allows it to reach 65kph for a weight of 36kg and 45 to 90 minutes range with a 750Wh battery, the total cost of the parts is € 3,500 but a 1kW motor would be enough to start! 

Adam is currently in the phase of production and hopes to industrialize his project soon! 

This minimalist electric motorcycle recalls the early hours of the Stealth Bomber or in more French the SEV eTRICKS ...

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