(VIDEO) Black Label Bacon bike: a bike that runs on bacon grease!


The American company Hormel achieved a cross-country over the United States with a motorcycle running on fuel made from animal fat, more specifically bacon! 

The name of the experiment is Driven by Bacon! 

Hormel started from a diesel motorcycle coming from Holland named T-800 CDI and manufactured by EVA Products BV. Its engine is a three cylinder announcing 100mpg (2.35l per 100km) for a 0 to 100kph in 6 seconds. 

Stripped of its touring body and transformed into cafe racer, it became the Black Label Bacon Bike (name of Hormel’s bacon) a twisted communication and tailpipe smell that is no other than bacon! 

The prototype has been designed by Charlie Smithson from CS Engineering 

This Black Label Bacon Bike went from Austin (Minnesota) to San Diego with the refined grease – comparable to diesel but obtained from waste and less expensive than regular diesel – the B100 biodiesel. 

To give you the ratio, 113.4kg of fat transformed to 758 liters of B100, more than enough to make the 3.000km of the journey!

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