Tesla Model C an electric city car coming in 2018


While the Model III was officially announced by Elon Musk a few weeks ago, Tesla makes the headlines again with new rumors, more precisely an electric city car nammed Model C! 

This car could potentially be developed with Daimler (technical and financial partner of Tesla), which also wants to develop an electric city car to compete with the BMW i3. 

About this Tesla Model C (City), the price would be much less premium than the i3 going to compete directly with the VW e-UP and Renault Zoe with a price tag starting under € 15,000 for a range announced to 150km! 

Its arrival is expected in 2018 - certainly a bit after Audi's answer to the Bavarian electric city car - the A2Q that we introduced a few days ago ... 

At the same time another rumor runs at Tesla, the Roadster's return, it would be named Model R and is also expected for 2017-2018. 

About sales volumes, between the Model S, the Model X arriving shortly and the Model III to follow, Tesla hopes to reach 100,000 units for 2016!

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