(VIDEO) Denny by Teague and Sizemore, the “all in” electric bicycle


For the 2014 edition of the Oregon Manifest - a competition aiming to develop bikes for specific purposes (cargo bike last year) - 5 regions competed to develop the ideal every day bike. 

Oregon Manifest is the alliance by region between designers and manufacturers of bicycles, the winner of this year comes from Seattle and is named Denny. It has been designed by Teague and Sizemore Bicycle, an everyday electric bike "all in" that wishes to simplify your life. 

In addition to its many advantages that we will list after, we can already have a look to its design, though primarily functional its lines are elegant, a design highlighted by the black and white color that enhances the rendering of its tubes. 

Technical specs of Denny 

Locking system integrated in the handlebar 
Removable battery hidden under the front luggage rack 
Innovative mudguard literally sweeping the water from the wheel 
Smart belt drive with automatic shift 

But also, and this is rare, automatic headlights, brake light and turn signals! 

The Denny will be produced from next year by the partner of the event Fuji Bikes but no price announced yet! 

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