Cayenne S e-Hybrid: the 83.1mpg Cayenne


After the Panamera S e-Hybrid and the 918 Spyder Porsche reveals the final specs of his third plug-in hybrid model, the Cayenne S e-Hybrid

The Panamera gave us a glimpse of what to expect but thanks to the recent developments of their hybrid LMP1, the 919, Porsche managed to optimize its technology and provide a Cayenne more frugal than ever! 


Specs of the Cayenne S e-Hybrid 

The first figures of this Cayenne S e-Hybrid confirm rumors of the end of 2012 with an output of 333hp from the 3.0l V6 that is supported by a 95hp electric motor for a combined power of 416hp while the maximum torque sets at 590nm. 
In electric mode, the car can reach 77mph (124kph) 

Thanks to its 10.8kWh battery,  the 100% electric range is 35km for emissions of just 79g/km 

While its competitors are still under development, the Cayenne thus takes an edge against the Mercedes ML, Audi Q7 and is placed over (in terms of performance and emissions) the BMW X5 XDrive40e 

Regarding the price, like the Pananera, the Cayenne's plug-in hybrid version will likely be placed between the S and the Turbo.

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