(VIDEO) The Prius Plug-in TRD set a record (consumption) on the Nurburgring


Developed by TRD, Toyota’s official tuner, the Prius Plug-in tackled the famous Nurburgring for a record lap - but this time for a record of efficiency! 

Toyota’s idea was to demonstrate the capabilities of its plug-in hybrid on the 20.76km long Nurbugring racetrack. 

This record was set on an open circuit in conditions where performance is required (minimum average speed of 60kph and 64.4kph for the Prius TRD). 

The Prius Plug-in TRD managed to complete one lap with a record consumption of 698mpg or 0.34l per 100km, taking advantage of its 5.2kWh battery that provides a range of 25km in electric only. 
That is far ahead of the official 134mpg (1.75l/100km) approved for the car! 

The time set by the Toyota Prius Plug-in TRD is 20minutes and 59 seconds. 

Finally, this Prius Plug-in TRD is a series model simply fitted with an aerodynamic kit and low rolling resistance tires. 

This record is in line with TMG’s electric speed record the EV P001 and P002 (7m47 on the Nurburgring). Now, Toyota opens the door to a new set of records and sets the benchmark for its competitors!

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