Hybrid and electric cars – market evolution


The trend of the Automotive market today is second hand and e-commerce: the average user typically purchases via the Internet, the vehicle as well as its accessories. In a crisis context, consumers opt for the economical option. Tirendo.fr is an online store specialized in selling tires online has proven to users. The car of tomorrow, will instead focus on ecology and respect of the environment.

Progression of the hybrid

Hybrid is popular right now. A compromise between gasoline and electric vehicle, it revolutionizes the automotive market and attracts many users because of its low consumption. Toyota is the leader in this growing market. According to the online journal Auto Infos, the hybrid is ahead of electric and sales continues to grow. Since the beginning of the year in France, more than 7,000 vehicles were registered in France. The gasoline hybrid represents 75% of electrified cars sales. However, it remains accessible to a certain socio-professional category, quite high. The goal is now to democratize the hybrid cars a wider target such as the Yaris hybrid. According to a study by the French AVERE, sales would have increased by approximately 9% in one year, from 2013 to 2014.


Regression of the electric

According to a survey conducted by Navigant, 71% would not spend more than $25,000 when buying a private car and 41% not more than $20,000. Therefore, the electric car market is struggling. Indeed, the electric cars is still too expensive, especially because of the price of the batteries - half the cost of the vehicle. The second problem is related to charging: there are only 2,500 charging stations in France...

Hybrid and electric: a solution for future generations

While the hybrids already have their share of the market electric vehicles will most certainly by part of the landscape by 2020. Their prices are scaling down in order to be accessible to the greatest number. At the moment, the market takes off slowly but surely. Still expensive to purchase, the consumer still trust the classic automobiles but gradually habits change, especially in a world where fossil fuels are becoming scarce and the need to protect the environment more and more pressing.

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