Nosmoke – an affordable electric Mini Moke


We added the Noun citycars (three versions LI, S and SL) to our database of electric cars a year ago, now they are back with an electric Mini Moke named Nosmoke

The Nosmoke is accessible to the greatest number with its power limited to 15kW (20hp) that allows to drive it from 16 years in Europe. 

Its price is also accessible thanks to its lead-acid battery this 4-seater electric car is priced at € 13,900  battery included. 

About speed and range, the maximum speed is announced at 85kph for a range of 120km. 

For the record, another brand offers an electric Mini Moke the eMk6 probably closer to the original, especially in terms of finish - like the MiniLite wheels fitted to the car - but at a much higher price tag (€ 28,200) for a specs sheet relatively similar... 

The two main advantages of this Nosmoke are its price and its four seats. 

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