(VIDEO) Nomadic Power a range extender trailer that offers an additional 500km


Remember eBuggy a prototype of range extender placed in a trailer presented in September 2012 by a German company, the name and prototype are evolving, here is an update.

Now called Power Nomadic its design gets more aerodynamic and its receives LEDs lights to the front and rear.
Then, the capacity of the battery is increased to 85kWh to achieve a range going from 500 to 600 km depending on the size of your electric car.


As a reminder this is a trailer with an additional battery, the company Nomadic Power provides kits to hook the trailer to your car, the trailer can bought or rented – for instance on charging stations located on the highway.

Nomadic Power is a range extender on demand which operates in three modes

In conventional operation, it serves as range extender
Charging mode, in this phase the trailer recharges
Smart grid mode in which it serves to relieve the grid

The trailer is homologated in Germany up to a speed of 100kph

If you decide to purchase your Nomadic Power trailer and store it home, it will also offer to optimize your energy consumption or even be used as generator when needed.

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