(VIDEO) Vaylon Pégase, maiden flight for the french flying car


We already presented flying cars – whereas they are real transformers or cars fitted with a paraglider wing. That is the case of the Vaylon Pégase that has been presented at the French Military show EuroSatory!

Pégase/Pegasus is an all terrain vehicle / buggy fitted with a (silent) propeller and a paraglider wing, therefore, it is road and air legal. 

The company Vaylon based in Strasbourg worked for 5 years on this project of flying car, the first prototype was developed in late 2013 and made its first flight a few days ago before the opening of the show. Other flights are planned for 2014 with a launch the following year at an estimated price of € 100,000. 
Its versatility makes it a military vehicle of choice! The project is supported by the Ministry of Defence. 

Its plus

Cost of use from €20 to €50 per hour 
Silence of use
Take-off over short distances 


Its 100hp engine enables Pegasus to reach a maximum speed of 60 to 80kph in the air and 100kph on the road. 
Its wing is 38m2 wide and the range goes up to 3hours.



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