(VIDEO) The Hoverboard exists… on the water – Zapata Racing


You probably remember Francky Zapata who presented at the Paris Nautic Show the Flyboard (an aquatic Jetpack) a few years ago. After a world tour with its first model, he comes back with a new model that seems even more fun, the Hoverboard!

For the record the Flyboard is a small deck attached to your feet that uses the energy of a jetski or dedicated module to lift you thanks to the turbine’s water jet; With the Hoverboard, the princilple remains the same but this time the water jet does not moves you vertically but horizontally for sensations halfway between surf and flying!

Easier to handle, more precise and therefore much more impressive – check out the new tricks it authorizes – the Hoverboard, may do even more “waves” on the web than its predecessor! 


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