(VIDEO) Bultaco Motors’ new electric bike unveiled


The spanish brand Bultaco is back on the front of the stage with an electric bike. The official presentation of the motorcycle was held today and the brand gives us a series of videos in which we learn more about the bike and the team.


The team Bultaco Motors

The University Carlos III worked four years on this project of electric motorcycle, so they developed a vehicle that can have a serious technological advance. Bultaco’s team features great name of brands and manufacturers: Gerald Pollman director of Magna Steyr in Austria, Karl-Heinz Kalbfell former vice president of BMW Group as a consultant product & brand, the chief engineer of Motoczysz Nick Schoeps and a designer from the Piaggio group and more specifically Aprilia, and that’s just a glimpse!

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The electric motorcycles Bultaco Rapitan

Based on the same 40kW powertrain the brand will offer two models, the Bultaco Rapitan and Rapitan Sport, they will be produced in Montmelo near Barcelona from 2015.

Few information on its specs sheet but we are talking about a range of 140km and a top speed of 145kph from the 54hp motor.

No price announced but the brand expects to sell 2,000 units in 2015.

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The genesis of the Rapitan and some secrets

The Bultaco is a bike designed 100% to be electric with a conventional Lithium battery and a supercapacitor for energy recovery. This recovery is made via the electric motor and its deceleration, but also through a technology of electric braking, independent from the hydraulic braking!

The Rapitan also offers an original technology of fork and front suspension

Finally, the team developed a BikerManager who understands and learns your driving habits to give you the most accurate range information.

To summarize, the return of Bultaco is promising and ambitious, we will follow them closely!

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