Arion 1 : 145kph with a bike


Students from the university of Liverpool team-up as the ULVTeam to attempt a world speed record with a “bicycle”

The ULVTeam includes eight students working on a record faired bike named Arion 1.


The driver is almost lying in the shell and sees only thanks to a camera, this fairing should make the  Arion 1 forty times more aerodynamic than a Bugatti Veyron .

No electric assistance to help this streamlined bike to reach its top speed a Royce 133 teeth gear that will certainly require tow the bike on the first meters...

The Arion 1 hopes to reach 90mph (145kph) and thus surpass the previous record held by the VeloX3 ( 83.1mph - 133.7kph ) that you can see the video below

The first scale model of the Arion 1 model is being developed thanks to a 3D printer, the final bike will be presented next year for a record attempt in just a year!

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