Velospeeder the lightest e-bike kit, 600Watt for 1.6kg!


E-bike kits are evolving constantly and simplifying as demonstrated by the CopenhagenWheel, ShareRoller, or Rubee, but the Germans from Velogical choose a different approach!

The main problem with electric propulsion is weight as you need heavy batteries to feed the electric motor…

Velogical started from the dynamo principle that they master as they already sell various types of dynamo, with their knowledge they pushed the envelope and developed the Velospeeder. It consists in two electric motors placed on both side of the rim, combined, they offer 40nm of torque, 300Watt of continuous power and 600Watt in peak!

Velogical_dynamo_e-bike_kit (2).jpg

Thanks to their experience with dynamos they can ensure a reliability equivalent to a bike chain, the Velospeeder as already been tested on over 4.000kms.

The total weight of the kit is 1.6kg (92Wh battery included) for a range announced to 20km. The minimal weight of the kit allows to use the bike normally when the batteries are depleted with no real difference compared to a normal bike!

For the record, the CopenhagenWheel weights 5.9kg, FlyKly 4kg and ShareRoller 3.15kg…

Its market launch is set for 2015! 

Via Gizmag
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