Electric Mercedes B-Class, more power to compete with the BMW i3


At the end of 2012 on the Paris Show, Mercedes revealed a prototype of its versatile compact car / MPV B-Class in an electric version that followed the hydrogen prototype called F- Cell.

The year 2014 marks the launch of Mercedes’ electric MPV, a mandatory response to BMW’s offer.
Indeed, this launch coincides with the arrival of the BMW i3 with a similar price.

B-Class electric drive.jpg

But, the B-Class is a combustion vehicle converted while the BMW i3 is a pure electric car... Does the electric B-Class has some chances?

The electric B-Class VS the BMW i3 

Compared to the model presented in Paris the power is increased to be closer to the i3’s while torque reaches 340nm, largely more the BMW’s 250nm! Consequently, the 0 to 100kph wins two seconds – still compared to the Paris model!

In contrast, the range originally announced at 200km goes down to 137km in EPA cycle.

The electric B-Class will be available this summer in the United States and the very first i3 has been handed over to a customer this week, the B-Class is priced at $ 41,450.

On the flexibility and driving experience side the B-Class offers a choice of driving modes and levels of regeneration with a 500litres trunk which can almost triple when the seats are folded down.
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