(VIDEO) BMW’s electric scooter C Evolution priced at 15.000€


While the BMW i3 is launched and that the first test drive of the BMW  i8 are taking place now, BMW releases the latest product of their electric mobility offer, the C Evolution!

It started in 2011 with the Concept-e then confirmed in 2012 with the first C Evolution and specs that remains since, but we were expecting a price and launch date!

The production of BMW’s electric scooter just started last month, as its electric motor develops 11kW of continuous power it is seen as a 125cc equivalent while the peak power reaches 48hp for 72nm of torque!!

Specs of the BMW C Evolution

In short, its 8kwh battery offers 3500 charging cycles and 100km range while the motor allows to reach 50kph in 2.7seconds and 100kph in 6.2seconds!  

The weight is listed at 265kg -which is quite a lot obviously- but the C Evolution’s construction around the battery as central module will confer a dynamic handling.

Here is a video of the assembly of BMW’s first electric two-wheeler and a video demo.

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