Green Classic : EV West electrifies all the sexiest oldtimers


The US company EV West is mainly known for their electric M3 that participated in Pikes Peak or their high-power buggy which tackled the Baja1000 with such a know-how we had to hear about them again!

The company specializes in the selection of electrical components for conversions, they offer a wide range of items in retail or kits.
If you've always wanted to ride in a classic but the reliability or impact on the environment holds you, EV West thought about it and offers a variety of electrification kits for no less than 16 models, Beetle, Porsche 911, 912, 914, 356 , Karmann Ghia... Even recent cars like the Mazda MX -5 or Roadster Factory Five 818 – the kit is priced a little under $ 7000 without battery.


In addition to these kits, EV West converts just about anything that rolls , they are currently working on a conversion of the legendary BMW 2002 (E10 for those who know) which should offer superior performances to the original 32kw in peak of the electric 1602 presented by BMW in 1972.

To get an idea of the quality of their work, take a look at Zelectric Bug who trusted EV West to create an electric Cox !

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