Mobility @ 1.618 Paris - SEV, Keim, Pariss Electric, BMWi , Supiore and Velorapida


The 1618 show, which closes tonight presents a selection of brands that have chose the "sustainable luxury" niche, here are the vehicles exhibited!

Keim - a bicycle from wood and carbon

Demonstration of French craftsmanship with Corima wheels and custom bracket... A limited edition of 20 pieces priced at 7900 €. This bike illustrates Keim Edition’s philosophy that will focus on furniture after this serie.

1-618_2014_mobility (3).jpg

SEV - electric bikes and mopeds

On the show, SEV chose to present an e-Tricks with neo-retro look thanks to its Brooks saddle and two electric bike (pedelecs) the VelicksVX2 and Velix700, new flagship of the brand

1-618_2014_mobility (45).jpg

Pariss electric - " the Alfa Romeo 4C is a benchmark "

(cf. previous article)

BMW i8 - BMW i3 and C-Evolution

We have already described this BMW i8 and its specs in several articles, only one thing to remember, we crave to take it for a test drive! And, getting inside it, behind the steering wheel didn’t help!
Desirable, high-tech with a BMW soul, even two rear seats, a (small) trunk and a full-carbon construction that can be admired on the openings... It's flawless !

Supiore - a Dutch electric boat

Launched last year after three years of development, it is made for canal and lake, offers 6 to 8 hours of battery life for a maximum speed of 8knots.
Price 50.000 € - four units have already been sold

1-618_2014_mobility (13).jpg

Velorapida - affordable and stylish electric bicycles, the big discovery of this show !

Stylish and affordable electric bicycles over a wide range of 12 models, Velorapida The Chrome in numbered edition crowns the range at € 3.100, everything is hand-made, it takes one month to build one!

1-618_2014_mobility (36).jpg
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