(VIDEO) TS040 - 1000hp for Toyota’s hybrid race car


We mentioned it on March 12 with an article about the 2014 LMP1s, this week, Toyota revealed the specs sheet of their hybrid LMP1 that becomes 4WD and whose power surges to 1000hp!


This is not Toyota’s first hybrid race car with four-wheel drive as they had already introduced similar technology in the 2007 Supra HV-R.

Toyota uses a naturally aspirated V8 engine whose displacement increases from 3.4l to 3.7l but its power is down by 10hp at 520hp – the comes in two hybrid modules, the DENSO already used in the TS030 placed on the rear axle plus a new AISIN AW module on the front axle (480hp in total). As before, the electricity recovered from braking is transferred to a super capacitor NISSHINBO, while the chassis has been developed by TMG Germany - Toyota Motorsport gmbh.

The result – complying with the new FIA WEC regulations - shows a reduction of 25% in consumption compared to the 2013 version for a total output of 1000hp!

Finally, the TS040 is interesting because it allows Toyota to test and develop an efficient and powerful four-wheel drive hybrid technology hoping that one derivative could be featured in the new Toyota Supra being developed now and previewed by the concept FT-1.

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