(VIDEO) 2014 Volkswagen electric cars - prices & specs


To conquer the market of electric vehicles, VW deploys a complete range that includes an electric city car e-Up, an electric compact car e-Golf and finally an electrified alternative, the Golf GTE a powerful plug-in hybrid !

As prices of the electric Golf have just been revealed and VW offered an electric week to Berliners on the Tempelhof Airport, lets present VW complete electrified range.

-VW e-up price from € 26.250, 150km range

With the French bonus reaching  €6.300, the final customer price comes just under € 20.000 battery included.


-VW e-Golf, price from € 34,900 range of 190km in the NEDC cycle (€ 28.600 after bonus)

With its format the electric Golf is a direct competitor of the Nissan Leaf priced from € 23,990 after bonus.

Two electric cars that emphasize low energy consumption 11.7 and 12.7kWh/100km respectively with a 8 year or 160.000km warranty on batteries (5 years or 100.000km for the Leaf)

VW_e-golf (3).jpg

-VW Golf plug-in hybrid (Golf GTE), price to be announced, consumption of 1.5l per 100km in NEDC cycle

With its 204hp for 35g/km it offers an interesting alternative and should appeal to individuals and companies.

Golf_GTE_Geneva_2014 (2).jpg

Let’s recall also the Jetta hybrid in the range with 170hp!
To summarize: electric wise and hybrid pleasure for VW !

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