(VIDEO) Fomm Concept One is an electric “water-world spaceship” that welcomes 4 people in 2.49m!


Here is a premiere for the least unexpected, the Japanese company Fomm founded in 2013 has revealed an electric city-car that is flood proof, the Fomm Concept One.

Fomm_concept-one (2).jpg

Imagined for the heavy rainfall and flooding in Asian regions, Fomm has developed a water resistant electric car that floats and can even move on the water thanks to water-jet generators!

In addition to this possibility (for emergencies because the vehicle still requires an inspection after such use) the Fomm Concept One is also the world’s smallest 4-seater electric car (according to its designers) with only 2.49m long and sliding doors – for the record the Renault Twizy measures 2.34m!

For the powertrain, Fomm developed in-house in-wheel motors placed in the front wheels of the Concept One, they develop each 5kw for 280Nm.

Equipped with 6 battery packs, the range is listed at 100km for a weight of 460kg

Finally, the Fomm Concept One also chooses a handlebar is instead of a steering wheel!

As you will see in the video below, it is not only a concept but a running prototype that will be launched at a price of 1,000,000 Yens (7.200€) battery excluded.

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