Tea time for Bolloré 6,000 charging stations in London, Bluecars in car-sharing also coming!


The Bolloré Group that manages Autolib and its French local versions (Bluely and BlueCub) has just won an ambitious plan that will setup 6,000 charging stations and electric car-sharing.

More specifically, the Bolloré Group won a tender "Source London" launched by Boris Johnson the Mayor of London. The group gets the 1,400 existing stations and is responsible of increasing this figure to 6.000 stations in total (two years time) as well as launching Bluecars electric car-sharing scheme (the first are expected within 12 months).

Photo credit Le Figaro

This represents an investment of £ 100million (130million €)

Meanwhile, the group announced the launch of the production of BlueTram a solution of electric trams with undeniable advantages, five to ten times less expensive than a conventional tram - because it is a tramway on tires thus also allowing faster setup!
It works thanks to supercapacitors and recharges in station through the principle of the pantograph - recharge takes 90 seconds for a range of 1.5km

The Bolloré Group finally confirms the arrival of its Bluecar in Asia, Singapore and Cambodia
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