(VIDEO) Geneva 2014 : Mercedes C300 BlueTEC Hybrid


We continue our tour of the 2014 Geneva Motor Show with this vehicle launched almost discreetly by the brand - but interesting as it offers a powerful engine in a D-segment sedan!

MB_C300BlueTEC-Hybrid (1024x681).jpg

Indeed, inherited from larger models, including the E-Class and even S-Class! The 300 BlueTEC Hybrid powertrain takes place in the 2014 C-Class for a performant and efficient car, a path already taken by Lexus with the IS’ largest hybrid engine which rose from 200h to 300h, improving the driving experience.

In the C-Class 300 BlueTEC Hybrid (diesel hybrid for the record) the engine develops 204+27hp for a consumption of 3.6l per 100km only - the rest of the specs-sheet is not revealed yet...

MB_C300BlueTEC-Hybrid (2) (1024x384).jpg

The premiere of the new C-Class on the Geneva Motor Show is also the opportunity chosen to confirm the arrival of a plug-in hybrid powertrain soon, plus, and this is a first for the brand & model, the famous AirMatic suspension and Apple CarPlay to which we will devote an article very soon!

No official announcement yet, but it is not excluded that this hybrid module could also be featured in the C-Class Coupé!
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